Spanish Lessons in Bogota

Lesson Price (1 hour lesson)

  Face to face (Bogota) [US$15 / €14 / COP 35.000]

  At your place (Bogota) [US$18 / €17 / COP 45.000]

  Online (Skype / hangouts / Wechat) [US$15 / €14 / COP 35.000]

Special: Pay 20 classes and get 10% discount!

You can choose how many times a week, for as long as you want

For Online classes you can pay: Using Paypal, Payoneer or bank transfer.

Contact: faotorres @

Spanish Lessons

Teacher presentation

«Hi, my name is Fabian Torres, I am from Colombia and I am a musician and a Language teacher (Diploma in pedagogy and teaching).

I have been teaching Spanish for more than 10 years in Japan, Taiwan, USA, teaching students from around the world online (Italki), private classes, tutoring and working in language schools like ECC (Tokyo) or Eurocentre (Taipei). Besides Spanish, I teach English, Chinese, Taichi and Music.

I love to teach Spanish and let my students fall in love with the Latin Culture. I love my culture and my language but I am also a student of other languages, so I understand what you need too learn.”

Class description

All levels, from scratch to advance (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)

We provide the material for you every class.

Spanish language for daily conversation.

Grammar explanations on a simple way.

Songs, Short movies, children books.

Weekly latin topics: Arts, history, culture, cuisine.

DELE exam trainning.